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The process of creating an impression of a graphic/image or any simple text matter on any suitable or desired surface with the help of simple or highly sophisticated machinery using ink or a dye is referred to as the process of printing. Printing that is done in a small scale using a inkjet or a laser jet printer in a office level is known as a domestic level printing and printing done on a very large scale on the orders of a customer on a commercial scale is known as large scale printing. Today, with the advancement of printing technology, one can bring out really extraordinary result outputs through very precise laser jet printers that reproduce real life like images and a wide range of unimaginable variety of text fonts. Our Services OUR SERVICES At adcomcom we are equipped with the state of the art printing equipment that delivers exceptionally fine prints ranging from a simple business card to large sized banners without loss in image quality. Nevertheless all our services are customer oriented with the our main focus on efficient time management, which is the primary expectation of the customer.