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Our Areas of Expertise... Network Planning and Server Setup Offshore Network and Internet connectivity Network Setup and Network Cable Requirements for land or offshore Our Services include... IT Support & Preventive Maintenance IT Network Solutions Computer Security Marine & Offshore IT Setup Secured Wireless Network deployment We have vast experiences in the field of setting up Secured Wireless computer networking to enhance your office network user's mobility. This includes simple setups within a single office only to more extensive setups such as between different floors or spanning across different buildings. VoIP setup & deployment Staying in the forefront, we help reduce your communications costs by engaging Voice-over-IP (VOIP) depolyment to cut down your long distance IDD toll charges and costs. With products suitable for linking up all your branch offices or overseas manufacturing plants, we make use of SIP and H323 open standards connectivity protocols to make sure that you are not tied down to obsolete technology. PC Support & Maintenance Services We specialise in the areas of support and maintenance. With close working relationships with all our customers, we provide feedback and advise on improving the workspace while minimising cost.