Brex International

关于 Brex International
Since 2002, Brex International has been the defining company of fine lacquerware from Asia. Since our inception, Brex’s signature product range, Qua, have established a high level of trust with our customers and are also synonymous with exquisite design, grace and craftsmanship. Our vision is to be “The Lacquerware Company in our selected markets through our distinctive products with exceptional customer service levels.” This vision motivates and guides our passion for exceptional service and uncompromising quality in living with lacquer. Brex International has grown over the years into Asia and Europe, and we have stayed true to this purpose by continuing to work with the best designers who draw inspirations from their day to day lives and lacquerware craftsman who are best in their trade. Qua lacquerware are characterized by its distinctive rich lustre, enduring shine and designs. We have a wide collection to meet all needs. Whether you are curious, already aware or a connoisseur of lacquerware, it is about living with lacquerware through Qua. Qua offers different assortments of lacquerware, covering furniture, dinnerware, table accessories, jewellery, beauty and decorative home products. (click here for our product catalogue) Our corporate clients include high-end hotels for use in the rooms, or companies wishing to look for corporate premiums for their VIP clients. (click here for more information regarding our corporate clients and what they say about us) Whether you are looking for a personal or corporate gift, or something to do up a house, we have something for you.