AC Infinity Ventilation Grille, for PC Computer AV Electronic Cabinets, also mounts one 120mm Fan

$ 11.99

The AIRPLATE A3 is a 6.3 by 6.3 inch metal grille that can be installed into cabinets and walls to help increase ventilation. It can also be used in conjunction with a fan system to act as a passive intake or exhaust vent. The kit includes an optional 120mm fan guard and hardware to secure a 120mm fan, the most popular size for computers and DIY applications, onto the grille. To mount your fan and grille into your cabinet or wall, you would need to cut a square hole approximately 5 by 5 inches. Features a CNC machined aluminum frame with a brushed black finish; pre-secured to a steel honeycomb grille with four screws. Information on the additional included hardware can be found below


Includes four wood screws and four machine screws with nuts to mount the ventilation grille onto a cabinet or wall. Also includes four 1.25-inch long machine screws with nuts to mount a 120 mm fan with the included 120mm fan guard onto the ventilation grille.