TAG TEAM INC. was conceptualized in February 2011 by two guys truly believe we possess superhero powers deep within us and we wanted to save the humankind. Okay, not quite. The truth is, we started TAG TEAM INC. for different reasons. One of us is a father of two young kindergarten boys who simply wanted a more holistic way to play and bond with his two active boys. The other is an ex-corporate guy who suddenly found himself hating to be always behind some screen, i.e. his desktop, laptop, blackberry, for work and even for play. Tag has another meaning – to physically touch. We felt that the physical face-to-face interaction among players is becoming non-existent in our computerized world of online gaming and mobile phone applications (apps). Computers have replaced the humans in gaming and playing. We want people to take a break from their computers and play games face-to-face. We want to put the human – the tag factor – back into games. At TAG TEAM INC. we focus on team-based objectives. We encourage and emphasize teamwork over individual glory. We pride sense of camaraderie beyond winning or losing. Beyond just playing in teams, we also want to incorporate communication, creativity, and strategy together with fun, excitement and a huge dosage of cool-ness.